WL Franchisee Solution

Improve synergies and get better monitoring with Worldline's offer dedicated to Franchisees' onboarding.

A model built to serve your brand & your network

WL Franchisee Solution is a consultative approach to onboard Franchisees on behalf of their Brand HQ to deliver payment services and strengthen their collaboration.


Benefits for Brand HQ:
•    Improve synergies and monitoring with central reporting 
•    Provide more support to your Franchisee network with a Worldline dedicated team
•    Massively increase your transaction flow enabling better price per transaction


Benefits for Franchisees: 
•    Get a better price per transaction 
•    Create an omnichannel experience for your customers with a state-of-the-art payment solution and value-added services
•    Get more support thanks to better SLA

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Fast onboarding process

WL Franchisee Solution has been specifically designed to allow any Franchisee to be onboarded quickly and efficiently, thanks to an easy process:

1. Dedicated white-labelled sign-up page to onboard Franchisees 

2. Once the request is completed, we make sure contracts are set up correctly

3. All solutions (instore, ecom, acquiring) are set up and ready for delivery

4. Plug and play service is performed by Franchisee with our support 

A dedicated team answering
all your needs

Worldline provides support to all Franchisees during the whole process thanks to a team of experts in the following fields:

  • Content: Providing all communications and subscription processes to invite Franchisees to onboard 
  • Consultants: managing consultation and sales calls
  • Onboarding: helping with online forms and organisation 
  • Reporting:  sharing reports on a regular basis
  • Support: answering Franchisees' questions and needs
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Instore and online acceptance


Instore terminals are delivered with relevant communication protocol such as EP2, or nexo retailer, to communicate with the electronic cash register selected. They are installed using a “Plug & Play” system. 


Online acceptance is available in several languages and can easily integrate a wide range of web shop software through plug-in, including a reporting tool with acquiring transactions 

Value-added services for merchants

Gestion des riques


Available 24/7 for technical and
operational questions and for
administrative and operational support

Conversion dynamique


Daily turnover is transfered
to Merchant's bank account
on the next business day

Conversion dynamique

Own Risk

Accept electronic payments
when not connected to
Worldline's payement system


Dynamic Currency
Conversion (DCC)

Available for
over 80 currencies

Remise bancaire


Online "self-onboarding" portal
available in different regions
to be able to subscribe
to the offer

Advanced Acquiring capabilities

WL Franchisee Solution includes domestic and cross-border acquiring capabilities, allowing merchants to accept a broad product range of payment means and a wide currency coverage, enriched with acquiring related services, such as pre-authorisation.
The solution allows you to accept QR-code based mobile payments and provides real-time cost transparency and pricing flexiblity, making it easier for you to deal with increasing regulatory complexity.

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The solution at a glance

Dedicated support

Covering all steps of
the onboarding process

Wide footprint

Available in
15 European countries 

Fast onboarding

2 week process
to onboard new Franchisees

Plug & Play solution

Fast and easy to implement within
your whole Franchisee network

Worldline & Subway:
a trusted partnership

Worldline introduced its new offer to large QSR brand Subway®, which saw a great increase in synergies within its Franchisee network.

With a network of thousands of Franchisees in Europe and globally, Subway®’s challenge was to build a homogenous ecosystem to offer an omnichannel solution to manage information, consolidate payment reports and deliver crucial insight, as well as assist in the decision-making process to its constantly growing number of business partners. Worldline integrated their payment solution with the Subway® POS infrastructure for Franchisees to address these needs. 


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European countries are covered by this partnerhship and Worldline's solution


Languages to support the Franchisee network and more to be implemented


Franchisees already onboarded within Subway's network and more to come!

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