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Create the best end-to-end checkout journey for your customers
Benefit from the most flexible and global one-stop-shop offer

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Reach new customers 

Generate more revenue through new channels, new regions and new business models, whilst keeping up with new customer behaviour

Serve customers in the best possible way

Orchestrate the different touchpoints and offer an enhanced consumer experience on all sales channels

Reduce costs

Reduce the number of providers, optimise integration with partner ecosystems and increase internal efficiency

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We understand your business challenges!

Whether you are a large merchant with international footprint, a domestic merchant or a department store, we know you are facing daily challenges:

  • Optimise transaction processing (cost/time) and reduce fraud 
  • Create new and innovative customer experiences across all channels
  • Select a partner providing a seamless payment experience 
  • Find a reliable partner providing synergies and monitoring 
  • Rely on a future-proof "plug-and-play" payment solution in Europe
  • Capture customer data to build meaningful long-term relationships 

To respond to all your challenges, Worldline is introducing the most flexible full-service omnichannel offer for your local and pan-European projects allowing you to accept the most relevant payment methods for your business and your customers!

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A full-service omnichannel package or a tailor-made offer 

Worldline Retail Suite will cover all  your needs : instore, online and omnichannel acceptance with in-house acquiring capabilities and value-added services. The benefits of a full-service offer are multiple: simple, easy to understand, attractive pricing and scalable solution. 


If you have specific needs in terms of payment applications, transaction types or local acquiring connections, we also provide the most flexible solution by  customising our in-house platform and offering all support for complex integration. Retailers now have the choice between a “full-service”  package and “A-la-carte” solution.


Our main objectives: increase conversion rates and average basket, offer a consistent and global omnichannel experience with a single view reporting, improve customer knowledge with more interaction at the checkout.

Increase conversion rates and average basket size!

Worldline Retail Suite optimises your checkout funnel thanks to full end-to-end omnichannel capability and tokenisation: purchases anytime, anywhere with the right payment method!


The solution utilises a reliable and global multi-currency solution, featuring innovative digital services and fraud management. It decreases the abandonment of shopping carts at the checkout by offering a local wallet and prepaid payment methods.


mPOS/SmartPOS/SoftPos Android solutions are able to capture sales at the point of interaction by combining a digital experience and a secure payment solution in one single device.

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Profile each shopper - WL Retail Suite

Profile each shopper and personalise the customer relationship!

Increase your business insight with daily financial and transactional reports.


Worldline Retail Suite offers a single view reporting capability and unified back-office, with extended payment services such as reconciliation and dispute management. 


The solution allows direct interaction with customers through a payment terminal (QR code, survey, question...), analyses and monitors answers via web services in real-time, giving an up-to-date overview of your performance, loyalty programme and customer behaviour.

Improve your customer satisfaction!

Improve the shopping experience with a seamless omnichannel journey and an interactive set of payment terminals. Worldline Retail Suite offers a consistent omnichannel experience (autonomous stores, web-to-store, store-to-web), and brings new services to customers directly at the checkout point:

  • Worldline Tap&Connect: combining payment and loyalty
  • Worldline Scan&Pay: self-checkout customer journey
  • Worldline Tap on Mobile: turning any smartphone into a payment terminal
  • Worldline Smart Engage: enrolment, subscription and survey on terminals
  • Buy Now Pay Later: a secure payment in 3 or 4 installments
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): allowing international customers to pay in their currency
  • Charity: charitable donations on the terminal
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Focus on your core business!

Save money, time and effort with a full integrated solution, global acceptance, and an advanced acquiring engine offering best-in-class transaction fee model


Worldline Retail Suite optimises your Total Cost of Ownership and time to market (1 partner, 1 single scalable acceptance solution, smart routing, APM hub, Acquirer hub), improves operational efficiency with advanced predictive monitoring and reduces security compliance costs (global tokenisation, P2PE, PCI DSS 3.2...).

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An end-to-end offer focused on Unified Commerce

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