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WL Vending Suite

Take your self-service business to the next level! Benefit from a flexible solution, from full service end-to-end to tailored offers, to perfectly fit your business needs.

Self-service market trends

Cashless & mobile payments - Vending Solutions

Cashless & mobile payments

Cashless becoming the norm and growing demand for digital payments options

Automated - Vending Solutions


Increasing need for outdoor vending such as automated stores 

Fridge - Vending Solutions


Growing opportunities for micro-markets and smart fridges

Premium - Vending Solutions


Bean-to-cup coffee, premium coffee-to-go services, fresher and healthier goods...

Bloc 2 - Vending Solutions

Make payment the easiest part of your self-service journey!

With the recent changes in customer behaviour, there is a competitive advantage to be gained by vending companies that embrace this new reality and adopt emerging trends. For this, flexibility, innovation and digitalization capabilities are key while keeping things simple. 
With its Vending Suite, Worldline can help you to implement seamless payment journeys on the preferred channel for your customers. You can concentrate on your core activity, while letting Worldine manage payment complexity on your behalf.

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Key benefits - Vending Business

Key benefits to meet your challenges

  • Easy integration into your kiosks
    The right terminal for any self-service need, meeting the latest standards (EVA, MDB)
  • Payment methods tailored to your market
    All payment means, from international brands to local schemes (PCI PTS, PCI DSS), mobile wallets and QR code payments. Fast Payout (Day +1 to 3)
  • One-Stop-Shop
    Work with a single payment partner, from terminal to acquiring, for a fast and efficient support
  • Scalable omnichannel offer
    One single portal for all channels with consolidated reporting from transaction to financial reconciliation
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Discover Worldline’s solution for Vending operators and integrators

A unique suite of payment services
to unlock your self-service business potential


Unattended terminals

PIN entry devices to meet SCA/PSD2 requirements

EVA & NAMA standards compliant

Easy and adjustable mounting

Secure and rugged technology


In-app payment acceptance




Vending at first glance - Vending Solutions


Flexible & real-time processing

Acceptance in poor connectivity

Smart routing


International & local card schemes

Worldline acquiring or connection to a large panel of local acquirers

Flexible and scalable solution to meet any self-service use case

Vending machines

Smart coolers


Automated stores

Hub lockers


Car wash

Health kiosks

A customised approach to respond to any business model

Our experts are dedicated to work closely with you in a project-based method to deliver best-in-class products & services, adapted to your business specificities.

As a vending or unattended retail operator

vending or unattended retail operator - Vending Solutions

Rely on one single partner and the support of our expert teams to make payment the easiest part of your self-service journey.

Full service end-to-end solution

End to end solution - Vending Solutions

WL Vending Suite grants you access to a unique toolbox to build the best self-service solution for your clients and get ready to scale for the future, with more digital services.

Choose the cashless payment solutions
fitting your self-service use cases

A wide portfolio designed to accomodate all shapes and uses cases:

Terminaux - Vending SolutionsTerminaux - Vending Solutions

Our range of secure and rugged devices is compliant with all standards up to PCI V6, IK10 and IP65.

Bohemia Spa's Case study - Logo

Michel Reybier's Case study - Logo

Michel Reybier's Case study - Logo

Get started today and take your self-service business to the next level with WL Vending Suite!

Mobile payment - Vending Solutions

Enrich your self-service journey with mobile payment

Add value to your self-service business with mobile, in-app payment or wallets. Coupled with kiosk payments, the Worldline eCommerce services provides tools to engage further with customers. Digitize your self-service customer journey and enable easy payment, upsell and promotions. A world of new use cases open up to grow your business such as Scan&Pay, Click&Collect, Click&Reserve and more to invent.

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Manage your operations and finances

Easily deploy and operate vending machines in various locations, thanks to powerful tools to control your acceptance terminals, such as fraud prevention and remote management. Optimise the availability of machines and secure revenues while accepting transactions even in poor connectivity environments. Improve your operational efficiency and reduce the administrative workload with flexible and real-time reporting from a single portal.

Operations and finance - Vending Solutions

Take full control of your funds and optimise reconciliation

WL Vending Suite provides domestic and cross-border acquiring, with a unique « à la carte » approach. As processor and acquirer, you can rely on the same payment partner to simplify the financial reconciliation between transactions and payout on your accounting. We manage payment complexity for you, you can focus on your business expansion in domestic or international markets.

Worldline acquiring

  • A standard solution across European countries
  • Reduced number of
    payment partners

Map - Vending Solutions

Local acquiring

  • Large access to local
    payment specificities
    and schemes

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