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with prime locations will become ideally suited for convenience retailing

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will cater to long distance travellers and become one-stop multi-use hubs

Understanding your challenges

Regardless of your position in the Petrol ecosystem, we know you are facing daily challenges. Drivers are seeking a seamless experience and want to use their favourite payment means, while integrators look for an easy-to-implement, future-proof Payment Solution available everywhere.


Whether you are looking to implement new use cases or looking for a Reliable Payment Partner, helping you to attract and retain new customers at your station, Worldline can help! To respond to all your challenges, Worldine is introducing a full-range Payment Solution dedicated to the Petrol and Energy Market!

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WL Petrol & Energy Suite!

WL Petrol & Energy Suite is a One-Stop-Shop Payment Solution dedicated to Petrol and Energy players. The solution covers the entire value chain and can be tailored to your needs and your local requirements. Also, to better understand how we can serve you and guarantee the best efficiency, you will be granted one single point of contact.


Worldline has developed extensive knowledge of the Petrol and Energy industry. An entire team of experts is dedicated to this vertical, providing strong expertise of the market, in order to go above and beyond to answer all your payment needs and help you respond to all your challenges

Terminals for all Energy use cases

Improve your user experience and increase your revenue with our wide range of terminals for Petrol & Energy, including PCi 6. x and Android devices. Worldline's attended, unattended and ATEX hardware solutions are quick and easy to integrate and comply with all the latest regulations.


Thanks to the ATEX range, you can even offer premium service to your customers by allowing them to pay without leaving their car!

Payment Acceptance
all over Europe

WL Petrol & Energy Suite relies on a global protocol and a dedicated payment gateway and is availble in +50 countries in Continental Europe, covering more than 130K Petrol stations. Our global solution can be tailored according to your local needs to enable you to accept payments for all use cases.


Our unique solution enables the acceptance of +90 types of fleet cards to help you deliver the most flexible customer experience and maximise retention and consumer loyalty.


Pan European Acquiring & Advanced reporting

WL Petrol & Energy Suite provides Pan European Acquiring enabling the acceptance of a wide number of card schemes. Thanks to our Interchange++ model your acquiring fees will always fit your acquiring costs, so you don't have to pay for more than you use.


Simplify your reporting thanks to ReconHub, a unique financial reconciliation tool allowing automatic reconciliation from multiple sources and customised according to your needs and requirements.

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Value added services:
WL Pay&Drive

At the heart of the ecosystem, Worldline is providing you with one single platform for all your mobility services, including fueling, charging, in-store payment, parking and car washing. The Pay&Drive wallet is integrated directly into your ecosystem and works as a part of a global payment solution (universal or private).


Thanks to a single point of contact, avoid technical and functional complexity and unnecessary discussions with various partners. Benefit from an industrial and scalable solution and influence the roadmap of future services that you can easily connect or disconnect. As Pay&Drive works as a Platform and a Service, you can easily enable cross-acceptance with other partners for maximum efficiency.

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