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Market Trends

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New mobile and online payment means

Paying for a parking space through mobile apps or website is constantly on the increase, including via in-app payments

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Parkings become multi-services hubs

Increasingly, additional services, such as carwash or EV charging will be offered to drivers

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New generation cars and new user experience

Intelligent cars, in-car payments,
automated valet parking robots,
and much more 

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We understand your business challenges!

Regardless of your position in the parking ecosystem, we know you are facing daily challenges. Drivers are seeking a seamless experience and want to use their favourite payment means, while integrators are looking for an easy-to-implement, future-proof payment solution available in multiple European countries and across all sales channels. Whether you are looking to implement innovative use cases or looking for one reliable payment partner for all your parking locations, helping you to attract and retain new customers, Worldline can support you!


To respond to all your challenges, Worldline is introducing a new full-service payment solution for your local and pan-EU projects and for all your sales channels: eCommerce, Mobile, face-to-face and omnichannel!

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Equip your parking with the latest industry innovations

WL Parking Payments Suite is a new full-service payment offering for pan-European deployment through all channels dedicated to the parking market. The solution covers the entire value chain and can be tailored to your needs and your local and cross-border requirements. We provide an E2E offering for all the countries you cover with a single point of contact including: 

  • Smart attended and unattended payment terminals, E-acceptance and mobile, installed base management and business insight reporting
  • Connection to your existing legacy system
  • Coverage of all your sales channels: F2F, Mobile, E-com and omnichannel enablement
  • International acquiring and connections to local customer acquirers
  • Support of dedicated parking uses cases: Tap-in & Drive-out, pay on foot, pay on exit, Ticket-in & Card-out and enable omnichannel uses cases
  • A dedicated parking transaction flow with pre-authorization, to enable a smooth and safe Tap-in & Drive-out experience

We rely on +40 years expertise in the parking segment to advise and support you in the implementation of our customers' country specific requirements. An entire team of experts is dedicated to this vertical, to go above and beyond and answer all your payment needs while helping you respond to all your business challenges.

Pan European Acquiring & Advanced reporting

WL Parking Payments Suite provides pan European acquiring enabling the acceptance of a wide number of card schemes. Thanks to our Interchange++ model your acquiring fees will always fit your acquiring costs, so you don't have to pay for more than you use.
Simplify your reporting with a unique financial reconciliation tool allowing automatic reconciliation from multiple sources and customised to your needs and requirements.

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Full-service Online and Omnichannel payment solution

At the core of the offer, Worldline is providing you with a single platform for all online payment services including mobile, E-commerce and in-app payments, allowing you to make parking an online service accessible from any channel and enabling use cases such as online booking, payments or refunds.


With WL Parking Payments Suite, your business is ready for omnichannel and all related use cases!


Payment Acceptance
all over Europe

WL Parking Payments Suite relies on dedicated payment gateways and is available in 50+ countries in continental Europe. Our global solution can be tailored according to your local needs, enabling you to accept payments for all your parking use cases.


Our gateways connects you directly to Worldline acquiring to get the best-in-class offer for internal and local schemes. We can connect you to local acquirers in many countries such as France, Italy, Spain and many more, to get the best and most competitive acquiring offers provided by local banks.

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Terminals for all parking use cases

Improve your user experience and increase your revenue with our wide range of terminals for parking, including PCi 6. x and Android devices. Worldline's attended, unattended and ATEX hardware solutions are quick and easy to integrate and comply with all the latest regulations.

Our unattended terminals are ruggedised and outdoor-proof, easy to integrate and to use and above all, perfectly suited for the parking business. We support low-power consumption and wake-up mode for solar powered parking meters. Our attended terminals are smart and intuitive to use in manned parking places.

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An end-to-end solution for the parking segment

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